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These are all common Whirlpool 
washing machine problems!
  • Does your Whirlpool Washer make a loud grinding noise when its agitating or spinning?
  • Does your Whirlpool Washing Machine start OK, then give you a bunch of Cryptic Error codes
  • Is your Whirlpool Washing Machine leaking water all over your floor? 
  • Does your Whirlpool Washer not even turn on? Or turn on and do nothing at all?
  • Does your Whirlpool Washing Machine fill with water and then not drain or agitate?
  • Does your Cabrio Washing Machine start to fill then give you an F-1 of F-51 Error
  • Does your Whirlpool Duet Washing Machine not drain ? And makes a weird noise when its trying? 
  • Does your Whirlpool washing machine Not Agitate correctly in the Wash Cycle?
  • Does your washing machine sound like an Airplane taking off in SPIN cycle? 
  • Does your washing machine fill with water, agitate, but then not spin at the end of the cycle?

Top 3 Most Common Whirlpool Washing Machine Problems

Q:    My Washing machine fills with water, but wont
        agitate or spin, whats wrong?

A:     On Whirlpool washing machines, of the top loader         
         variety, the lid switch would be the main culprit.        
         However, your timer, gearcase, and motor could also be   
         suspect. Usually its only one of em, and usually, it's the           
         lid switch.      

Q:    My Whirlpool Washers sounds like a Plane taking off during Spin Cycle, what the heck is going on here? 

A:    Depends on the type of Whirlpool Washing Machine, Top          
        Loader, or Front Loader. Belt driven or direct drive.     
        Generally, if you have a crazy noise going on during spin 
        cycle, you have either:
  • A piece of clothing or other item wedged in between the inner and outer tub
  • Some sort of obstruction wedged in the drain pump assembly
  • Or a bad Spin Bearing and Seal assembly
Q:    My Whirlpool Washer makes a crazy grinding noise 
        during agitate and spin, but fills and drains 

A:    On the older top loaders, you probably have a bad drive 
        coupling. Its a part thats made to fail in order to save the 
        gearcase from destroying itself if it gets bound up. 
        Sometimes it fails when its suppossed too, because the 
        gearcase is bound. Most often though, it just fails from 
        normal wear and tear. Its easily replaced if you know 
        what your doing and have the correct tools. Just make 
        sure everything else is in operational order. 

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