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It's always disappointing opening your dryer door and finding your clothes are still wet. 
They haven't dried at all, and the dryers been running for almost an hour. 

Well, it's not the end of the world but it can feel like it 
whether your a single person or a family of five.
Gas Dryer vs Electric Dryer!  

Gas dryer repair is different from electric dryer repair in parts and labor costs. 

Gas dryers are usually cheaper to run and cheaper to repair.

Electric dryers are more to repair when they do break down, but fail less often.

First steps in troubleshooting!

Things to consider; possible symptoms leading up to this moment.
 Have you been experiencing these symptoms? 

  • Extended drying times
    • Has it been taking longer for a load of wash to dry recently? 
    • Check your venting, almost all extended dry time situations are a result of bad venting.
    • Check your heat source.
  • More lint accumulation.
    • Has the lint filter been filling up faster and thicker then usual?
    • You do clean the lint filter after every load of wash, right? :) We know you do.
  • Noises.
    • That routine old squeak squeak squeak or thump thump thump get a little crazier recently? 
    • Or has the noise gone away but now the dryer wont start at all, instead it just buzzes?
  • Wrinkling
    • Has Laundry been coming out way hotter and wrinkled then usual? 
    • Is the Laundry just lukewarm at the end of the cycle?
  • Marks and spots
    • Have you noticed dark spots or oily specks on your Laundry? 
    These are all fairly common symptoms in the chain of events leading to dryer failure.All repairs require quite a bit of research and homework, and time. There are no easy repairs. Cheap repairs, especially if you do them yourself, but not easy ones. The easy ones just SEEM easy. 

    So keep it simple. Not every gas dryer repair situation is the same nor is every gas dryer the same .Keep in mind that while most repairs can be done in your home sometimes the dryer will have to "come into the shop". So calling a Local service company might be a better decision.

Some Things to Consider about Dryer failure. 

  •  Almost any dryer failure is a result of poor venting. 

    •  The symptoms that you will see in regards to improper venting can be longer drying times, Parts burning out or breaking down quickly,  clothing still hot and/or damp after cycle, and the dryer is louder than normal can all be attributed to outlet duct venting.
    •  I've seen twisted vents, crushed vents, clogged vents, torn vent pipes, ripped vents, and way too long of vents.
    • These problems can cause frustration and confusion when doing laundry,

  •     Fortunately there are a few things that you can do try an avoid any dryer repairing.

    • To start, make sure you clean the lint trap before every single load. 
    • The weave of the lint trap can slowly clog and restrict, impeding the air flow,which has pass through the filter , therefor slowing the drying process. It will also begin to leave a lot of lint on the clothing in the dryer.  
  • To avoid problems, Clean the lint trap.
    • Try running run the lint trap under some hot water and clean it lightly with a towel or brush once a month. 
    •  You should do this more often if you use your dryer a lot.

  • Also, in regards to the lint trap
    • Have you ever noticed that the dryer sheets feel waxy when you put them in the dryer, and not when you take them out?  
    • That is because that waxy coating is on your clothes and  the lint trap now. This can cause just as many problems as the lint.   

  •  There are three different materials that you could have for a duct. 
    • One of these is white plastic duct  If you have this, you need to upgrade it immediately. 
White Plastic Duct material is flammable!

    •      If you have a foil-type material, you should switch it out as well.  While it isn't as bad as the white plastic, it won’t be as good as a flexible or rigid metal duct. There are other options available also such as duct free flat wall modes.
    •  This will make things the easiest on your dryer and thus on you. 
    •      You will also want to make sure that your duct isn’t more than 18 feet long and that there are no (or very few) vertical positions.  These lead to major build up and will burn the motor and bearings out much faster than horizontal duct work.
While dryer repairing can be a fairly pain-free process, it can also be a very costly and time consuming one. 

 Avoiding it will make you a happier person and make your dryer last longer than most peoples’.

If your having problems with your clothes dryer, give us a call today!
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 If your not up to attempting your entire repair to the possibly brutal end or the magnificent conquest of machine. 


Call us or your Local Service company and let them handle it. This will help keep costs down, no mechanics like to follow another mechanics work. 

If you do decide to attempt to repair your dryer yourself, use the internet and FAQ's to the best of your ability.

  • Another great help forum on the the Internet is the
                    Samurai Appliance Repair Mans School of Appliantology

  • On strange and mysterious Kenmore Machines and some Whirlpool Machines sometimes its best to get it straight from the beast themself

Keep a list of suggested repairs and parts and call a few other companies to compare what they would suggest. This will help you become aware of what is and what is not and what can wait.

Whatever business you trade with for the repairs, check and make sure that the part and labor warranty policy is what you would expect. We Warranty all of our parts for a year. 

And if you have the time, check out the companies reviews from other customers online, or ask for customer references, so that the style of business is known.

 Also keep all paper work and receipts for any work done for the gas dryer repair for future reference as this will help the owner keep track of what work was done and when.