Washer Repair notes and FAQ

posted Nov 27, 2010, 9:06 PM by Steve Smelser   [ updated Feb 15, 2011, 2:01 PM by Russ Smelser ]
    Washing machines come in a number of different shapes and sizes.
    Top loaders and front loaders. Some of them seem to last forever,
while other seems to break down almost as soon as you get them                                    home.
    There are some very basic washing machine repairs that you could probably do at home.

    I guess it really depends if you are of a mechanical nature. You might be ready to handle it but you could make it worse. Some these problems are easy to fix,like changing hoses and hose washers.

    If you don’t feel comfortable, don’t hesitate to hire an appliance professional to take care of the problem for you.

    One of the big problems that people with have with their washers is water draining.
    Water just sits in the machine and won’t drain out, or will do so very slowly.
 There are a couple of different problems that could be causing this.

     One of them is a kinked or broken drain hose,a slipping belt, or a stuffed drain pump.
Simply check your drain hose’s condition and make sure there are no sharp turns or holes in it.

     Next ensure that there is nothing clogging the hose.How do you do this? Well, first, have someone there with a camera set for YouTube.

    Seriously, anything I might imply or refer to here requires
an unplugging of the power cord. UNPLUG IT ! I hear tube socks will often be the culprit.

    You could check that the lid clicks shut.

    If none of these things solve your draining problem, it could be the drive coupling.
If your washer has a drive coupling and won't spin, it is possible that you have a broken or loose drive belt.

    Of course your washer could have a Drive Belt driven water pump or maybe an Electric Water Pump.
These are easy to replace for a technician and fairly inexpensive overall.
    If your belt is fine, it again may be the drive coupling.

Call and get an over the phone estimate, or,
Call and schedule a service call..

There are some common washing machine repairs that you
 can tackle at home and can cost you plenty of money versus the cost of replacing a washing machine. 

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