Wow! A 92 year old Frigidaire Refrigerator that still runs!

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Still going after 92 years: The fridge that cost more than a Model T Ford

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 9:51 AM on 13th November 2010

In our modern world, they are everyday items which rarely merit a second glance.

But when this fridge was made, it cost more than a car and was the luxury preserve of the very wealthy.

The timber-framed model is still going strong after being brought to Britain from the U.S. shortly after the First World War.

Pride of the kitchen for three generations: Ian Pasley-Tyler with  his fridge
In working order: Ian's fridge neatly packed with goods which are  to kept refrigerated

Pride of the kitchen for three generations: Ian's 92-year-old 'Frigidair' neatly packed with refrigerated goods

Back in the day: The very first of the refrigerator ranges

Back in the day: The very first of the refrigerator ranges

It cost $775 – compared with $450 for a Model T Ford car.

Although the fridge’s exact age is unclear, its owner Ian Pasley-Tyler believes it may have been built as far back as 1918, making it 92 years old.

What is certain is that his grandfather, British-born entrepreneur Harold Bryant, shipped it here in 1923 after making his fortune across the Atlantic.

Either way, it is the oldest known working fridge by a long shot.

‘It still does a fantastic job, just as it was designed to do all those years ago, and it has become a piece of our family history,’ said Mr Pasley-Tyler, 70, a retired banker who is a Tory district councillor.

‘It is very noisy and I am sure it uses loads of electricity but it is incredible that it is still working.

‘There is no reason why it should not keep going for many years. It was built in an age when things were made to last.’

Mr Pasley-Tyler, a father of three, realised his fridge could be the oldest working model in Britain after the Daily Mail told of other owners claiming the title.

Last month Doris Stogdale, 89, of Oxford, was still using the 58-year-old General Electric fridge bought when she lived in Malaysia.

She was trumped this week by Don and Carol Ashley, whose 63-year-old English Electric model is still working at their home in Cockshutt, Shropshire.

The 5ft tall fridge owned by Mr Pasley-Tyler and his wife Susie, 67, is believed to be one of the first built by makers Frigidaire.

It stands at their 17th century manor house, Coton Manor, near Gilsborough, Northamptonshire, and is used for drinks and less perishable food like butter.

Cheaper option: A Model T Ford cost $450 in 1918, compared to $775  for the fridge

Cheaper option: A Model T Ford cost $450 in 1918, compared to fridge's $775

The fridge was inherited by Mr Bryant’s only child Haroldine, who lived in the house with her husband Henry Pasley-Tyler, and then passed to their son Ian in 1990.

Apart from needing new door hinges three years ago, it has never needed maintenance, he said.

‘It is a comforting sound because it is always there,’ added Mr Pasley-Tyler. ‘It is a treasured heirloom and we have absolutely no reason to chuck it out.’

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