Hey kids, if you're wondering.... 

"How much will it cost to have my Appliance repaired??"

We'd like to tell you over the phone the approximate cost of any given repair. 
There are first many considerations.
#1 Service history ( has it ever had repairs and what kind?)
 #2 Is that truly the only thing that's broken or malfunctioning?
See from here we cant tell you, your Appliance is there and we're here. 
#3 Sometimes it's something else that caused that to fail. It's not always cut and dried.
We're experienced in our fields.

Your first step is Calling Us. 

Ring us and tell us what kind of Home Appliance your having Issues with. 

Your going to need your Manufacturer Brand, Type of Appliance, and Model Number.
If you have any trouble finding this info our receptionist may be able to help you .

Once we have all the info, we'll schedule a call 

Our receptionist will be more then happy to answer any basic questions you might have! She'll help you decide if a Home visit is more appropriate or if you should bring it in for repair at the Shop. We're located in Palm Desert for your convenience. 

If you need more information or a better estimate as to the possible cost of the type of repair you think your requiring, a technician can help you also! 


 What you should know

We Have a 69.95 House Call Special for the Summer!

Call and ask for Details!

(That's a $129.95 value )


 Don't forget! 

We schedule all of our appointments within a two hour window and we can  provide same day service!

We Diagnose the issue or issues with your appliance 

We give you a written estimate for the repair.

When you approve,
We Get Busy !

Our PARTS we install have a ONE year warranty( no extra charge)